Project Tendering

Tips for tendering a project

The following points can be helpful when putting a project out to tender.

Quoting a large project accurately is a very time consuming process.  For this reason it is advised to obtain no more than three quotations from builders.

Check the builders' references before seeking a price from them.

Be comfortable that the builders who are quoting your work are reputable, come recommended and are experienced.  It is also important that you find the builder personable and that you are able to communicate well with him/her.  This is worth considering because you will most likely have a professional relationship with the builder for 3 to 6 months.

The more information and decisions you can provide the builder the better.  However, if decisions are still yet to be finalized, it is important specify a prime cost and provisional sums allowance for these items.  Otherwise you are not comparing apples to apples in price.

All instructions issued to a builder during the tender process should be in writing and issued to all the builders.

When comparing quotations from the builders, it is important to determine that all the quotes have made allowance for the same scope and type of works.  It can often be a mistake to assume the cost of items included or left out by a builder.

Not only is it important to make sure all the quotes are for the same works, it is important that the builder has not made any significant mistakes or omissions in the quote.  Many builders may appear cheaper than other builders but this is only because they have under quoted their work.

Owners should be cautious about hiring with a builder who is significantly cheaper than the other competing builders.  It could lead to the builder cutting corners with the project, or to disputes or delays.  Price should not be the only criterion in choosing a builder.

Our prices

Our experience has shown there is often a large gap in clients' expected costs of a project and the actual costs of a project.
We consider ourselves to be true value builders.  We are certainly not budget or low cost builders.  At the same time our prices are very competitive with other quality builders.

We use superior quality material and construction techniques. All our trades people are very experienced, qualified and reliable.  As a result of their superior workmanship and reliability we often pay our subcontractors a premium.