Rules & Regulations

Contracts & Specifications

All building works are accompanied by a complete and easy to understand contract and specifications document. These clearly identify, in an easy to understand format, the responsibilities of all parties.
The specifications provide clarity and assurance to the client about what they are going to receive in their building works.
Any changes requested by the client are always properly documented and signed before proceeding.

Permits, local authorities, regulations & design

 At all times work is only conducted with the relevant planning permits, building permits, engineering report, soil test reports, local council regulations etc.
We follow to the letter all relevant Building Codes, Australian Standards and Building Regulations.

Builder Registration

David Jonas is a Registered Building Practitioner. By using a registered builder you are engaging a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professional.
Generally speaking, if you engage someone for building works over $5,000, they must be a registered builder.

Owner Builders

There are many individuals out there posing as builders who are not registered builders, but propose to do the works for you by you being an owner builder. It is illegal to engage someone or to perform work for someone for over $5,000 if they are not a registered builder
There is a good reason why these people are not registered builders. To become a registered builder is not easy.

It requires demonstrating the following to the Building Practitioners Board:

  • Relevant building knowledge.
  • Hands on experience.
  • Supervision experience.
  • Administrative abilities.
  • Technical experience
  • Financial management
  • Systems & processes
  • Minimum financial requirements to be covered by home warranty insurance.

If you engage a builder who is not registered, you bear all the responsibility and risk on your own shoulders. Ask yourself why they are not registered?

Insurances & Warranties

Legally all building work over $12,000 must be accompanied by home warranty insurance.
The builder, on behalf of the owner, takes out this insurance. It covers the owner in the event the builder dies, disappears or becomes bankrupt. It covers the owner for defects up to 6 years.
There is also a statutory obligation for the builder to guarantee all the structural work for 10 years.
We are also covered by contracts works, public and product liability insurance which protect the owner during construction from such things as theft, fire, flooding, storm damage, structural defects, to name a few.

Occupation Health & safety

There is nothing more important than health and safety on the building site. Safety comes before all other considerations including time, money and effort.
We are committed to providing a safe work place for all our employees, sub contractors, clients and consultants.
At all times we engage in safe work practices.